so this is like a master list of tattoos i want and it’s mainly just for me to go back and reference to and change if i want. you can peruse through it if you want. 

the circa survive symbol on my left wrist with the lyrics “playback. delete. rewind.” under it in courier new font and then the ampersand for of mice and men on my right wrist with the words “they’re only baby scars” under it

"Know Hope" across my knuckles

"1 Corinthians 13:7" on the back of my neck

 on my arms i’m getting on the inside of my right arm i’m getting the deathly hallows symbol, triforce symbol, and earth symbol (they’re all triangles) in a vertical row and on my right shoulder i’m getting an f/2.8 aperture symbol for photography

and on my left should a target that looks like it’s a doodle self and in the middle it says happiness so it’s like “aim for happiness” and then a la dispute symbol which is an arrow thing and it’s going on the inside of my left arm and on the outside of my left arm i’m going to get a wooden sign that looks old and at the bottom it has grass and on it it says to wonderland

on my chest i want a typical necklace tattoo that says nox invictus which is latin for victorious night

on my left inside foot i want the master sword from zelda going horizontal across it and then on my right ankle the rebel insignia from starwars

on my left thigh i want toon link from minish cap floating with his hat who is ezlo and either it’s like ezlo is bending over looking at link or link’s using him to float down yeah if you get what i mean and stuff

i want feathers behind my right ear

and then on my back i’m getting wolf link from twilight princess and midna on my left side and then the cover of my favorite circa survive album which is a girl whose head is a popped air balloon and it looks like she’s floating going from my back to my side so it looks like she’s floating down my back
also a dratini tramp stamp cause i feel like it’d be hilarious

and then various song lyrics here and there that i haven’t figured out where i want to place them which are

"i know this is why i am alive" from understanding what we’ve grown to be by we came as romans

i think either i want the typical man overboard  guns and heart maybe on my right calf or top right thigh or the lyrics “im drunk with the thought of sharing these blankets right now” from al sharpton or maybe something from montrose or rare or something idk i have too many favorite songs by them.

"not the sun" from not the sun by brand new but on the word sun have an actually sun behind it and not have the letter u in it…? maybe i have to draw in first.

and then “lucid dreams in restless sleep” from wolves by jamie’s elsewhere

yepp that’s about it

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